The First Intercampus Gathering for Seeking Jesus at the Ohio State Prayer House

This blog covers the first “Intercampus Gathering For Seeking Jesus” of many that will take place at The Ohio State University:

Well, first we all gathered to pray for our college campuses and although there were only 5 campuses represented in the prayer house (Ohio State University, Capital University, Northern Illinois University, Marymount University, and Ashland University), we were joined by people all over praying at the same time (Findlay, NYU, Miami (OH), Columbus State, and a lot of you guys). It was powerful and the Spirit of God moved! We went around and prayed for the specific schools represented and God began to give each of us prophetic words about what He was doing and planning to do. Devonta (Marymount) and Morgan (Ashland) had some especially exciting words from God.
Then we felt led to get a little crazy with it and just started to seek God with desperation in our hearts. After a little bit there was some more prophetic words shared, some assignments given and we were just sitting in the Spirit. That’s when Ricardo asked if anyone needed healing. Jessica has had back pain. Her legs were slightly different lengths so we prayed about it. She comes from a Baptist background and had never experienced healing. As he was praying for her she screamed “Ah! I can feel it! That’s so weird!” We all lost it laughing. God is good and her legs are the same length! Nick prayed for Morgan’s knee because she tore her ACL in high school, had surgery, and she hasn’t been able to bend it without pain since. She got on her knees and began moving around testing it out and then screamed, making us all think she tore something again. Joy overcame her face as she said she had no more pain! Ricardo then asked for someone to pray for his foot he had injured at work a few days earlier. I felt I needed to so I stepped up and demanded his foot return to a place better than when he was born. Jesus came through as always and he was jumping around. He then told me that it was funny I prayed for it to be better than when he was born because he was born with messed up feet. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone I’ve prayed for instantly healed.

The call to prayer isn’t something we’re taking lightly. God’s doing stuff at Ohio State. We seen a lady’s leg healed on High St (main street through campus with all the bars, restaurants and clubs) the other day when everyone was out getting drunk. But not only is He moving here, He’s wrecking campuses everywhere and it’s so exciting! 🙂


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