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This is an older blog that I’m reposting to this, my new blog. Published October 27th, 2010

Today the Gideon’s were on campus passing out Bible. I seen one on my way to the bus and everyone was passing him by. I walked up and asked if I could have one to turn around and give away when the time came. He said yes and then started to ask me about myself. Shortly into the conversation I told him things were about to change at Ohio State. That sparked his interest as he graduated in the 70s from Ohio State and was part of the Jesus Movement that swept campus. He had a very negative outlook saying he felt like we may have sealed our doom. I encouraged him that of the movement starting that would be reminescant of both the Renaissance and the Reformation. This visibly spoke to him, to his heart. He got excited and started asking me questions. We ended up praying together and exchanging information. He wants to be updated on the movement so he can completely back us in prayer. God is good!

Then I was driving around looking for the House of Prayer on campus. I searched for about an hour with no luck. Giving up my search, I decided to stop at Pizza Hut and get breadsticks. When I returned to my car I realized I had locked my keys in the car. Not wanting to stand by my car embarrassed, I started walking down the alley. Within 100 yards from where my car was parked stood the prayer house. I just chuckled. I said, “Thank you God, now please unlock my car.” No one was at the prayer house so I walked back to my car. I got there and thought, I know He didn’t bring me here for them to not be here. I walked back right as someone walked up. I went in and we talked. Then a girl named Sarah walked in and turned to me saying, “Are you the one that locked his keys in his car?” I replied yes as she pulled out a AAA card and called for a free locksmith. God is really good! 🙂

My experience today makes me wonder how often we let our situation make us upset or even worse, we let it bring us to the point of giving up? God got me out of my car to get a different perspective. Maybe what you’re going through is God’s way of showing you a different perspective. Don’t worry, he’ll still clear up the details and unlock your car!

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To God Be All The Glory!

Today I drove Jessica to work at 6am and on the way back I felt it on my heart to spend some time with God. Since I’d normally come back and sleep another hour before getting ready for school, I decided to stop at the gas station and grab something with caffiene. I went in, grabbed a raspberry tea and headed to my car. As I walked out a women walked in who worked there. I smiled and walked on. The Holy Spirit began to tell me things to tell her. Not wanting to get her in trouble I decided I write her a note. I drove home and prayed about what to write. God is faithful. It ended up being a love letter from Jesus telling her that He Loves her and He knows what’s going on. I then read my Bible until 7am and then decided to sleep until 7:30am.

I overslept missing my first class, but I was really concerned as to whether or not she’d still be there. She was and I was really nervous. Someone in the store called her name, Mary. Praying, I walked around the store for a couple minutes. She seen me and walked over to me to ask if I needed help finding something. That’s when I told her I seen her earlier and felt I needed to give her the note. She opened and immediately asked how long I’ve been a Christian. I answered and she said, “This is strange.” Her eyes were real big and I could tell she was holding back tears. She began to tell me how her neice recently had a heart attack in her sleep and passed away at age 34. It had really hurt the family including the grandparents, 80 years old, whose health had dramatically deteriated since. She also said that Christians had been randomly coming to her sister with words from God and now it had happened to her. She asked if I could talk soon and from the sounds of it she wants me to talk to the whole family.

Please pray for Mary and her family.

To God Be All The Glory!