Jesus moves on the cold streets of The Ohio State University

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Healings, Jesus Encounter
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Did another treasure hunt yesterday on campus. It was pretty incredible! We met a homeless man named Matt that fit about 6 things on our lists. When we first walked up he didn’t know what to think. Now I must preface the next part by telling you that during my drive to Columbus I felt that I was to give away some of my stuff while we were out. I noticed he was trying to keep his hands warm so I immediately took of my Adidas gloves (Adidas was one of my treasure hunt words) and gave them to him. He looked at me and then the rest of the group and started crying, like snotty nose crying. lol He looked at me and said, “Who are you guys that you would walk up and give me your gloves?” We began to tell him that Jesus just wanted him to know how much he is Loved. The man kept crying. He said he had cancer in 2006, lost his job and had been living in the woods in a makeshift tent. He wanted a job so badly and his heart showed through his rough exterior. He wanted to be able to give, but felt he didn’t have anything to give. Also, he tried to give me back my gloves and I told him no because God wanted him to have them. We prayed with him right there and I know God was smiling. This man knew God’s Love for and was truly touched. As we walked away and he got on a bus I said to my group “I feel like by this time next year he’s going to be able to give those gloves to someone else.” Two others in said they felt the same thing.

Walking around for the rest of the hour we were out in the snowy, freezing cold my hands stung. But it was truly a blessing because it made me think about how bad one hour is versus being out in that all day. I want to find a way to get ahold of hats, gloves and scarves for cheap so I can pass them out as we witness. Any ideas?

We continued on and ended up praying for two Asian students, one about to get his PHD. They barely spoke English but understood us as we talked about Jesus and showed them they were on our list. I asked three times if either had any pain and they said no. I asked if they needed prayer for anything and the both named school related issues. We prayed and as we finished my friend Ricardo asked “Do either of you have back pain?” The girl got this shocked look on her face and said “Why do you ask?” haha It was great! So we prayed for them and then continued.

The last guy we encountered was wearing a bright yellow jacket and yellow was on my list. One of the others had the name Luke on there’s so as he walked up we asked if his name was Luke and he said it was Lucas and kept walking to deliver the newspapers. As he came back Ricardo asked him if he needed prayer for anything and he all but ran away from us. It was pretty funny. I yelled “Jesus Loves you Luke…-as!!

Anyways, God is moving at OHIO STATE!

Please pray for:
-The 2 Freshmen we first met that weren’t very receptive
-Matt, the homeless man, that he will continue to encounter the Love of Jesus and find a job so he can get back on his feet.
-Liu and Zong, that Liu will have no more back pain and will find an internship. Also that they both will see how much they are Loved by God and will come to know Him personally.
-William the graduate student, for his family and being bold with his faith.
-Lucas (Luke), that he’ll have an undeniable encounter with God and become crazy on fire for Jesus!

Love you all. Be blessed.

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To God Be All The Glory!

  1. Lori says:

    i love this 🙂 GO JESUSSSS!!!

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