A prayerful declaration for your campus or school from my brother Ryan Gunnarson:
Set us ablaze Lord!
This is your campus!
Baptize this place with your mercy.
Rain down your love on this place.
Rise up leaders young and old to war on your behalf.
Rise up oh sleepers!
Rise up oh those who are numb!
Rise up you prayer warriors!
God raise up people who have a zeal for your name,
A greater zeal for your face
A greater zeal for your love
Hahahahahaha a greater zeal for your glory
God come! God come! Holy and precious creator have mercy on this place!
God humble the proud.
… shake the unshaken.
… confound the wise.
… awaken the apathetic.
… satisfy the hungry
… nourish the desperate
… bring joy to the oppressed
… contagious joy that changes a city like Phillip.
Come Lord!
Come with a sword ready to take out the enemy.
God bring truth back to this campus.
Like you breathed into Adam and breathed life into the disciples… God breathe life into these deflated lungs. Breathe life into these dry and weary bodies. God breathe life into these lost and dead souls.
Show us how to live unabandoned
… worship indigified
… pray unceasingly
… follow your direction
… walk boldly and righteously for your name
So I pray Lord…
Mass of dry bones AWAKEN in your name. Awaken the dead Lord.
I pray for power in your name.
I pray for authority in your name.
Help us to understand your never ceasing love for this place God.
Teach us how to join you in this war for lost souls.
Teach us how to fight on our knees.
Raise up bold leaders who will settle for nothing less than your kingdom coming to this place God.
I speak courage over the student body to preach the gospel and use words when necessary.
Raise up radical Johns, radical Peters, radical Phillips who aren’t ashamed of the good news. Boys and girls, professors and students, coaches and players…
More of you God.
Consume this place I ask Lord.
Send your fire that cleanses, your fire that purifies, your fire that changes people.
Raise up a generation that seeks you first, themselves second.
A selfless movement of lovers.
Break our heart for what breaks yours
Break our heart for the lost and the poor
We ask… you answer and open the door
Fill us up… give us more
Awaken us Lord
Breathe life into the walking dead, the diseased Horde
God make us alive in Christ
Give me life. I want a life filled with passion
A life never bored
A life where I live by the TRUTH, live by the sword
Give me a passion to read your word. Live your word. Be your word
… in scripture out Jesus
… in Grace out joy
… in fire out passion
Let your eyes be my eyes
Your mouth be my mouth
Your hands be my hands
Your feet my feet
Your love my love
Your heart cry my heart cry
Your prayers my prayers
Your freedom my freedom
Your breath my breath.
Your heartbeat my heartbeat…
Finish what you started.
Fulfill your promise God.
Revival is coming.
The fire is coming.
The joy is coming.
The army is awakening…
The day of the Lord is upon us.
Prepare ye the way of the Lord.
He is coming with jealous love in His heart and righteous fire in His eyes.
Make this campus yours Lord.
Make these hearts yours Lord.
Consume us God.
Make us yours…
But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light. This is why it is said:
“Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

January 17th, 2011
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  2. JESUS!!!!! (if that doesnt light the fire for you i dont know what will!!!!
    (This is an amazing prayer! Would you mind if i made a song out of it?)~Korea

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